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Florida Business Woman Magazine

Florida Business Woman, the official publication of BPW/FL, is published three times annually by the Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. (BPW/FL). Membership subscription is included in Federation dues. 

Florida Business Woman Magazine Advertising

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Member Advertising Rates: Single issue 2 issues 3 issues

 Member Advertising Rates
Two Issues
Three Issues
 Full Page
 Half Page
 Back Cover (1/2 Pg)
 Quarter Page
 Business Card

Non-member rates are double the member rates. Multiple issue ads will be placed on a rolling basis, so that they can start with any issue. Ads on the web will have embedded hyperlinks. Multi-issue ads can start with any issue and will cross BPW years. Please submit ads in jpg format.

There will be three printed mailed issues, which will also be posted to the BPW/FL website.

The deadline dates for information to be received by the editor are as follows:
•Fall Issue (State Conference Report): 8/1/23
•Winter Issue: 12/1/23
•State Conference Issue: 4/1/24

Non-advertising submission guidelines:
•BPW items (e.g., state officer/committee chair reports, calendar entries, pressreleases, articles/photos about LO events)
•Articles of interest to BPW members (e.g., related to the BPW mission, public policy platform)

All submissions will be accepted for consideration, subject to space availability and editing.

Articles of up to one page will be accepted for consideration to be included on a space-available basis. Items to be submitted include:

  • officer and state committee chair reports
  • calendar entries & press releases
  • photos & articles about local organization events, and
  • articles related to our mission that would be of interest to BPW members

Deadlines for submissions are April 1, August 1, and December 1.

Production & Printing

Florida Business Woman is produced by:

Sheila Barry-Oliver, Ed.D., Editor

Printed by:

Mail Marketing Services
12405 73rd Court
Largo, FL 33733

Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

BPW Florida, PO Box 776, St. Petersburg FL 33731

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